"Down the Lane to Sweet Home USA is a beautiful collection of memories to which most Americans can relate. It took me back to my grandparents' home."

Patricia L. Fry, author of A Writer's Guide to Magazine
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"Benna Williams' observations of life in Grant County are recorded in a 'down home' style, which will rekindle memories of a time now past. It is important that this is done, not only as a record of our own time, but as a reminder to those generations yet unborn that others were here before."

Elwin L. Goolsby, author of Decorating the Pulpit
Director, Grant County Museum

The town of Prattsville, quaint home to a heaping handful of Grant County's notable personalities, including Benna Roberts Williams, author of, "Down the Lane to Sweet Home, USA."

Reading Williams' book is comparable to sitting under a large oak on an autumn day with your favorite aunt - the one who remembers funny things about everyone, including you - while the memories and leaves dance and fall around you.

Sleeping without air conditioning as a breeze stirred through the open screen doors, plentiful oranges at Christmas time and the rules for the childhood game Red Rover are told in Williams' familiar, plainly spoken style with fondness yet perspective.

Williams' much-noted grandparents, the mysterious healing woman Alice Edna Reynolds Roberts and Juicy Fruit gum-chewing William Benjamin Roberts were the pillar of Sweet Home life and the basis for her book. In trademark candor, Williams' characters stand out as fresh this morning's washin' - folks so real you can see the wrinkles in around their eyes from working and squinting in the sun too long.

The short and long of it is - Benna K. Williams' jaunt down memory lane in "Down the Lane to Sweet Home, USA," is the most pleasant exercise you'll find this side of the Mississippi River.

Andrea Isaac Adams, freelance reporter and columnist
for various newspapers in Southeast Arkansas

"Reading 'Down the Lane to Sweet Home USA' is sheer pleasure of the memories of years gone by. Benna Williams' quick wit and charming way, of bringing back her past, will leave you wishing you were a part of her life. Benna's descriptions of the good old days are spunky and vividly portrayed, drawing you in to the very essence of Sweet Home, and wishing the stories continued."

Jo Anne Allen, author of Train Up A Child and In The Way He Should Go
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