Alice Edna Reynolds Roberts was a lady with many talents and a bit of a mystery to those who lived in her community. If she lived in the present, she might be referred to as a Wonder Woman. Hard work and her ability to somehow heal some common ailments are traits for which she will forever be remembered . Children of today will never experience the making of folklore as I witnessed it in the home of my grandparents Benjamin and Alice Roberts, Aunt Alice and Uncle Ben, to everyone else in the communities of Sweet Home, Dirty Ankle, Tight Wad and Jericho Road, Arkansas. In the pages of this short book, I hope to stir memories of others, who will share their history and folklore memories of their childhood with the youth of today before all are lost forever.

Benna Kay Roberts was born December 1, 1951 to Bennie Ray and Dorothy "Hathcock" Roberts. Never did they imagine that just short of their firstborn's fiftieth birthday she would expose their family secrets to the world.

Benna and Dennis were a teenage bride and groom. They consider it one of their life's greatest accomplishments that they have managed to stay a couple for more than thirty years. At this moment in time, you could say this fact makes them the "odd couple". They both agree it had to be God's divine plan for their lives.

Together they have shared the good times and the bad. Their joys of parenthood were short lived, when their only child Wendy, was killed in a tragic accident at the tender age of eleven. Together they survived the grief and loss, which seemed to bond them even closer together.

Benna's journalism abilities were not acquired from years spent in education facilities. She writes what she has lived and learned. Usually her inspirations are triggered by some type of experience life has dealt her. The thoughts keep running through her mind and nagging at her until she gets them into story form. Communicating in written form is easier for Benna than carrying on a verbal conversation. Her motto seems to be, speak only when spoken to and write what you wish to say.